Form 13-F MiniApp - Instructions

General Procedure

  1. Prepare the Information Table as a Word, Excel or other table.
  2. Run the Form 13-F MiniApp, and capture the table into it. This creates the Information Table XML file.
  3. Click Submit which takes you to the EDGARLink Online website, where you log in
  4. Start a new 13-F form, then fill in the EDGARLink fields and attach the Information Table XML file.
  5. Submit the 13-F form

1. Prepare the Information Table

2. Run the Form 13-F MiniApp

  1. Click the big green button on our Form 13-F web page, and select Run to start the Form 13-F MiniApp. Enter your license key into the MiniApp.
  2. Select a range of cells in the Information Table (Word, Excel or other application) to include the complete table (selecting extra blank rows or columns is not a problem). Then press Ctrl-C to copy to the clipboard.
  3. In the MiniApp, click Capture. This captures and displays the information table data in the MiniApp as it will be submitted. Check the displayed table to make sure all information has been captured correctly.
  4. In the MiniApp, click Submit. This takes you to the EDGARLink Online website.

3. Fill in and submit the online 13-F form

  1. Enter your CIK and Password to log into the EDGARLink Online website, then click File 13-F in the navigation panel on the left.
  2. Fill in the data fields in each of the form tabs. These fields are self-explanatory.
  3. When all fields have been filled in, you can submit the filing, or save it on your computer to reopen and submit later.

Examples of Information Table Layout

Example 1 - 12-column layout

Example 2 - 11-column layout