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MS Access for pfs:First Choice users - Table of Contents

    How to use this course

Course Introduction
    Course Objectives
    Why use this course?

Section 1: Basics of Access
    Section Objectives
  First Choice vs. Microsoft Access
    First Choice
    Microsoft Access
    Comparision between First Choice and Access
    Microsoft Access Versions
  General Database Concepts
    Relational data base
    Forms and Reports
    Queries and Recordsets
    Database Terminology
  Microsoft Access Concepts
    What is Microsoft Access?
    Setting up Microsoft Access
    Starting Microsoft Access
    Starting and Quitting Access
    Opening a Database
    The Database Window
    Viewing Data
    Viewing Data in a Table
    Viewing Data using a Form
    Closing a database
    Creating a Database
  Section 1 - Quiz
  You have completed section 1

Section 2: Conversion from First Choice
    Section Objectives
  Install and Run FirstOut
    Install FirstOut
    Extract Data into Generic Format
    Comma-Separated Values
    Basics of Converting with FirstOut
    Converting with FirstOut
    Import a generic file into Access
    Modifying a table after importing
    Set Field Properties
  Section 2 - Quiz
  You have completed section 2

Section 3 Basic Access Operations
    Section Objectives
  Add, Save, Edit and Delete Records
    Add and Save a New Record in Datasheet View
    Edit the Data in a field
    Delete a Record in Datasheet View
  Data Entry Forms
    Creating a Form with a Wizard
    Creating a Form
    Adding, viewing and saving records in Form view
    Using a Form to View Records
    Delete a Record in Form View
    Preview and Print a Form
    Save and Close a Form
  Searching and Querying
    Ways to Find Data
    Using the "Find" Feature
    Finding a Value
    Using a Filter
    Creating a Select Query with a Wizard
    Comparison between Select Queries and Filters
    Sorting Records
  Report Generation
    How to use Reports to present Data
    Create a Report
    Preview a Report Layout
    Preview and Print data using a Report
    Mailing Labels
    Create and Print Mailing Labels
  Section 3 - Quiz
  You have completed section 3

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