Convert files between different file formats, such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, Excel, Multimate, Enable WP, WordStar, pfs:First Choice, Nota Bene, Displaywrite, WordPro, Brother WP, MS Works, Volkswriter Deluxe, Ami Pro, etc. We also handle WinWord, Professional Write, pfs: Write, XyWrite, LEWP, IBM Signature, Ami Professional, Brother Word Processors, Mass-11, Volkswriter, Microsoft Works, IBM Personal Typing System, Spellbinder, and Brother typewriters. Convert documents between MS Word, IBM Writing Assistant, Mass Eleven, Displaywrite Assistant, AmiPro, IBM PTS, Enable Word Processor, Spinnaker Write, Leading Edge Word Processor, Microsoft RTF, MS Write, IBM DCA RFT, etc. Also, Spinnaker First Choice files and data bases, Microsoft Write, HTML, XML, XBRL, PC Write, MS Word for Dos, WordMarc Composer, Rich Text Format, Samna Word, Lotus Manuscript, Revisable Form Text, Word Pro, Total Word, etc.. With full support for Microsoft Office including Office 2007 DOCX DOCM files, our File Format Conversion Software and Services are highly accurate and cost-effective. We also offer SEC EDGAR filing and SEC EDGAR preparation software and are a Registered SEC EDGAR Filing Agent and Financial Filings Service Bureau. We do custom programming and custom software development for legal, business, scientific, medical and other applications. Our Media Conversion Service handles CPM, TRS DOS, Lexotron, IBM Displaywriter, Wang OIS, NBI Word Processor, Olympia, Lexitron, Kaypro, Osborne, DEC Rainbow, Tandy Radio Shack, Xerox 820, and many other computers. It also handles Decmate, Compugraphic, typesetters, Wang, Xerox Memorywriter and many other hard-sectored and soft-sectored disks (floppy disks). We handle most mainframe and minicomputer tapes (also called 9-track tapes, half-inch tapes, open-reel tapes and reel-to-reel tapes) and tape cartridges. Convert between operating systems such as CP/M, TRSDOS and others, also IBM OS, OfficeVision, System 36, DEC, etc. That's data conversion, we convert data. Our Instant Online Conversion Service handles WindowWorks, Lotus 123, Quattro Pro, CorelDraw, PDF, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Window Works, QuattroPro, PaintShop Pro, pfs: WinWorks, Corel Draw, etc. We also provide Scanning and OCR Services for paper to computer conversion and paper to computer migration. OCR stands for optical character recognition. We provide cost-effective manual data entry services with extremely high accuracy. Paper-to-digital services include paper to digital imaging for the paperless office, digital workflow management and paperless workflow optimization. We scan and OCR books, fragile books, printed manuals, etc., and convert paper to TIFF files, PDF, eBooks and other formats. We also scan and OCR microfilm and microfiche to CD and DVD. Software programmers and software developers use our software library and software libraries with API and Windows DLL for file conversion. This file conversion technology is highly accurate and useful for on-the-fly file conversion on web servers, server apps, hosted apps, server applications and hosted applications. Our eLearning division handles CBT, computer-based training, CBT training, CBT courses, interactive learning, computer-based courses, web-based training, web-based courses, WBT, WBT training and WBT courses. That includes interactive multimedia training and interactive multimedia courses. We have experienced technical writers on staff for technical writing and technical manuals. Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc., was founded by Dr. Vasant D. Saini, who currently serves as its President & CEO.
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